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The Market Square

The village was remodelled and its streetscape altered by Sir James Worth Tynte c.1740. The Market Square dates from this time. At its widest point the Square measured 108ft across, making it one of the widest village squares in Ireland. It was the hub of commercial activity in bygone days.

The Market House

This fine building dates from about 1737-1741. The landlord of the area, Sir James Worth Tynte, reputedly paid £1,200 for its construction. The building is made of granite and became a makeshift jail during the 1798 rebellion. It was fitted out as a courthouse in the 1830s and it now houses the village library.

Dunlavin Park

This pleasant park stands on the site of an old cemetery. Headstones from as far back as the mid-17th century line the perimeter of the park. These date from the time of the original building of the modern village by Sir Richard Bulkeley on this site. The original village Anglican church stood behind this site.


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